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AC ServiceStaying cool all summer and staying warm all winter is a significant factor in your comfortability. At Clark’s Professional Car Care, we strive to keep you comfortable in any season with our best-in-class auto AC and heater services and repairs. We offer reliable services that will help keep your car blasting the AC and heater all year long. See the professionals and get your AC fixed right the first time.

Auto AC Repair Pascagoula MS

The two most common signs of a failing AC system are the air is blowing, but it is not cooling down or heating up, and it is getting cold or hot, but it is not blowing hard. Some less common but just as vital signs that your AC is starting to fail are

  • Moisture in your vents
  • Noises when you turn the AC on
  • Sometimes even an odor can leak out

Once any of these signs start to show themselves, or your AC is just not performing like it used to, then see Clark’s Professional Car Care to get that fixed right away. There is no reason at all you should be riding around uncomfortable. Your AC system may just need some fresh coolant to get things going again. On the other hand, an AC recharge may be a temporary fix to a bigger problem. Getting your AC inspected and serviced by the professionals at Clark’s Professional Car Care is the best way to make sure everything is working correctly.

Auto Heat Repair D’Iberville MS

Ah, the just as important but often never-talked-about cousin of the AC cooling system is your car’s included heating system. Nothing is worse than getting into your vehicle on a cold winter day, the dials are set to heat, and the AC blows cold air. Or if you turn your vehicle on, crank the heat to get the car warm for when you finish getting ready for the day, and you get into the car, and it’s still cold. If any of these things happen to you, see Clark’s Professional Car Care to get your heater fixed. Don’t worry. Our waiting room will be nice and warm for you.

Auto AC Service Near Me

Don’t drive around uncomfortable. Make an appointment today and get back to being warm and cozy or cool as a cucumber in no time. Clark’s Professional Car Care conveniently located in Pascagoula and D’Iberville MS is here to help. We are the go-to for auto AC and heater repair.

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