BrakesYour car’s brakes have the most essential job in the world, keeping you and your family safe. Help your brakes do their job by getting regular brake services and when needed, a brake repair. Getting your brakes checked or replaced is one of the many services that come to mind when you think of preventative maintenance. Brake services and replacements help prevent a crash, which will be a costlier repair. Trust the brake experts at Clark’s Professional Car Care of Pascagoula and D’Iberville, MS to keep you safe and take care of you and your car.

Brake Service Pascagoula MS

Getting your brakes serviced could be as easy as getting a brake inspection when you get an oil change. We recommend adding a brake inspection to your routine maintenance schedule. Although this inspection is just a visual inspection, you could always take it a step further. An in-depth brake inspection service includes the following:

  • Brake pad inspection
  • Check rotors for heat spots
  • Caliper inspection
  • And brake fluid check

This inspection is more in-depth and will ensure there are no issues with your vehicle’s braking system. If there is an issue, one of our employees will inform you about the recommended repairs. Our techs will not perform any repairs unless you give the “okay.” Any repair required will be completed by a skilled, licensed technician with years of experience. So when you are driving to work or going on that family trip you have been planning, you will have peace of mind that Clark’s Professional Car Care has done its job in keeping you safe.

Brake Repair D’Iberville MS

There is no light to signify if your brakes need replacement. Sometimes, you can tell just by the feel of your car. Here are some key signs to look out for when driving that indicate you need new brakes:

  • Sharp, squealing noise when you brake
  • The steering wheel shakes or bounces when stopping
  • Brake pedal feels light and moves easier than normal
  • Excess force required to stop effectively

If you notice any of these signs, bring your car to Clark’s Professional Car Care conveniently located in Pascagoula and D’Iberville MS for a brake service and possible repair.

Brake Repair & Service Near Me

We are in the business of keeping you safe and getting you back to your daily life. Our services are quick and won’t break the bank. Call or set an appointment online with us today. When you think of brakes, think of Clark’s.

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