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Tires & AlignmentDid you know that the only part of your car that comes into contact with the ground is your tires? Did you know that your tire and wheel are two different parts of your vehicle? Our expert technicians are here to not only service your vehicle but are also here to inform you of what is going on with your car. We believe in honesty and transparency with all our customers. Clark’s Professional Car Care is the best choice for your wheel alignment and tire services in Pascagoula and D’Iberville MS. When you think of auto repair and services, think of Clark’s.

Wheel Alignment D’Iberville MS

What is a wheel alignment? A wheel alignment is a process where the mechanic hooks your car up to a laser-guided machine and adjusts components of the steering and suspension system to help realign your wheels. If your vehicle ever gets knocked out of alignment, it could cause issues with your car’s handling, damage your suspension, and even rapidly increase the wear of your tires. We recommend getting a wheel alignment every six months or if your vehicle gets knocked out of alignment. If you require an alignment, see Clark’s Professional Car Care in Pascagoula and D’Iberville, MS, we are the professionals.

Tire Services Pascagoula MS

Your car’s tires are just as essential as the wheels they sit on. Yes, that is the difference between a tire and a wheel. The tire is the rubber that surrounds and sits on the wheel of the car. Getting a wheel alignment prevents uneven tire wear. If your tires happen to become unevenly worn, we know a trick to help extend their life—a tire rotation. Rotating your tires is an excellent way to help extend the life of your tires. If you ever get a nail in your tire, we can fix it. We provide tire maintenance services to all makes and models of vehicles. Bring your car into Clark’s Professional Car Care today for the best, quickest tire service in town.

Wheel Alignment Near Me

If you feel your car is pulling in one direction when you drive, or you have a flat, set an appointment online or give us a call today, and we will take care of you. Get better handling and control of your vehicle today with a wheel alignment service. When the residents of Pascagoula and D’Iberville, MS, require a wheel alignment or any tire service, they chose Clark’s Professional Car Care. Let the professionals take care of your car.

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